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We Voluntary Help for Almost 0 Years

“Give your hands to serve and your hearts to love”.
–Mother Teresa

As the quote says we from Nagendran Foundation believe in rendering services to uplift the downtrodden people. As a result we utilize the funds of the trust for the welfare and development of the general public. We provide services in the field of Medicine (Cancer, Dental and General), Education, Agriculture, Public Welfare, Environment And Technology. Our trust stands out the best in South India by offering excellent treatment and surgery to the Dental and Cancer patients.


We a group of youngsters started rendering social services in the year of 2012 at Salem. As our first activity we provided snack foods to the Government Middle School for Visually Impaired children at Salem. It was so hard to pull in the people, to support us because we didn’t record our activities through photographs or videos. So we made sure to record each and every activity in order to raise funds as well gather the sponsors to build our support system. From 2017 we slowly started sharing all our services in the social media which attracted many of our friends. It gave them hope to come forward and work with us. As a next step we provided grocery items to the orphanages and old age homes. I along with a group of my friends started providing scholarships for the deserving school and college students who could not pay their fee due to their personal issues. Our Team includes experienced doctors who are not materialistic. With help of these doctors we offer General, Dental and Cancer treatments. We together create awareness about cancer and dental issues by conducting medical camps. At last inorder to reduce the unemployment rates, a group of Engineers from our team started to deliver Industrial training to the unemployed engineers and place in industry. Also we provide a platform to work in R&D Sectors.

Our Mission:

  • Educate the needy as much as possible
  • Create awareness for the hazardous diseases
  • Adopt a remote area in a village and make it flourish and
  • Generate plans for public welfare

Our Vission

  • Abolish poverty
  • Build a society with educationally qualified individuals
  • Providing easy access to medical facilities for all the deadliest diseases

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