Education is a vital catalyst for an individual, which illuminates their thinking ability, helps indevelopment ofself-confidence, executing a proper career plan, right decision making and pursuing higher education. In addition education develops human personality, thoughts, and socialisation that prepare people for life experiences. It makes people have a special status in their own society and everywhere they live in. I believe that everyone is entitled to have education from “cradle to grave”. It equips us with information of various fields in general as well as specialization in a particular one. Also education builds positive attitude in each individual that helps them tohandle all sort of challenging situations.Thus, it is an honour for us to serve our community and contribute towards its advancement. In fact, being educated servesadvantageous in helping our people to build a good society. In short, being educated is undoubtedly being self-confident and successful in life. Education makes us view obstacles as challenges to overcome with no fear; also helps in facing new things. It is a main factor behind successful people and the merit of developed countries.



Cancer is the deadliest disease that strikes human race. As per Indian population census data, the rate of mortality due to cancer is alarming with about 806000 existing cases and is responsible for maximum mortality about 0.3 million deaths per year. This is owing to the poor awareness, diagnosis and treatment of the disease. All types of cancers have been reported among Indian population including the cancers of Skin, Lungs, Breast, Rectum, Stomach, Prostate, Liver, Cervix, Oesophagus, Bladder, Blood, and Mouth etc. The causes of such high incidence rate of these cancers may be both internal (poor immune conditions, Genetic, Mutations, and Hormones) and external or environmental factors (Food habits, Industrialization, over growth of Populationetc). Thus early diagnosis of cancer may save a life.


Dental caries is the most common health problem caused by the interaction of bacteria on tooth enamel. Risk factors for dental caries include salivary composition and inadequate fluoride. However, other factors, such as standard living, behaviour, hygiene, eating habits, social status and socio-demographic factors, also contribute to the evolution of caries. Now a day’s dental caries on the rise to become major public health problems worldwide, nearly 60-90% of children and nearly about 100% of adults have dental cavities, often leading to pain and discomfort.Early signs of tooth decay are easier to treat than advanced cases.


Nowadays, people have become more conscious about their health. Due to this, there is a rise in the popularity of gymnasium, yoga classes and organic food. As there are number of diseases widespread, there is a strong need for health awareness as well. With the advancement in technology and science, medical facilities for many diseases are now widely available and easily accessible too. In some places, government subsidised medical centres are available that offer treatment against diseases at minimal cost or even free of cost. As we know that prevention is always better than cure, creating health awareness can help people to take proper prevention against any health disorder. But how can we know that our loved ones are suffering from any medical condition? So, Nagendran Foundation aims to spread awareness about several diseases by conducting medical camps thathelps you diagnose the symptoms as early as possible.So that you can meet the doctor at right time for treatment. Taking necessary precaution and awareness are always better before the disaster strikes.


Training and Placement

Providing basic amenities for the unfortunate is just one side of the coin. Making them to stand on their own feet is what we are delighted about to achieve. We team of some elite Engineers as volunteers to train students in the field of IT (Software, Embedded and VLSI). This training is real time and led by service minded Tech Leaders in their own division. This team just has broken all the conventional class room training methods. Wherein it’s led over online and idea is to make students dreams their goal and guiding until it’s achieved.


Following projects in full swing as part of our Training activities in our Krishnagiri and Bengaluru based R&D centres.,
1) Computer Vision for Hand writing recognition.
2) Web and Mobile Development for commercial shops using Java, Kotlin.
3) Web Scrappers for automated Data Collection and Report Generation to help HR activities.
4) DevOps projects that support CI and CD pipelines to upload projects seamlessly to production centres.
5) Chatbots projects to help to ease the use of customer experience while navigating commerical sites\stores.


At present we take care of 6 homes which includes Children’s home, Polio Home, Mentally retarded children’s home, Blind school and Old age home in Krishnagiri District. Based on their need we provide Medical, Education, Food and Job to the persons present in those homes. We also took all the responsibilities of two children which is like adopt from 18-2-2019. Also we provide free treatment to all the homes and we provide motivationalclasses to the children present in children’s home. We serve food for the people who are in road side areas. We give our best service to the needy persons.