I Dr. S. Nagendran have completed my Doctorate of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering from Anna University, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. In this society with technological boom every single hour, people are pulled into hectic professional and social living where they do not find time to ensure the wellbeing of downtrodden people. There are several people of both genders belonging to various age groups who face poverty and starvation even in this 21st century which has the greatest inventions. Despite the technological advancements, people are not provided with proper medication and are left untreated for various diseases. Lack of awareness about the health issues is also a major issue among the rural uneducated people. My motto is to abolish starvation and fulfil the needs of these people by providing Education and Medical support. I strongly believe that if these downtrodden people are properly taken care and if their basic requirements are fulfilled then for sure they will amaze the world.

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